Enrolment is open!

Enrolment is open!

cours de danse hip hop saint denis

Enrolment is open!

« Si Loin, Si Près» is a cultural exchange program aimed at suburban and rural youth, and is addressed to young males and females aged 16 to 25 from disadvantaged backgrounds in sensitive urban zones (SUZ), who have experienced delinquency or have been excluded from school system.

The aim is to inspire a collective dynamic through cultural exchanges between neighbourhoods and regions.

During school holidays, we also offer a free introduction to urban culture (Hip Hop Dance and Beat Boxing) workshop, sponsored by the Saint Denis Youth Centre (Maison de la Jeunesse).

To enrol: projet@elolongue.com

Si Loin SI Près – Cie Elolonguè – Maison de la Jeunesse de Saint Denis from Cie Elolonguè on Vimeo.

The Junior Elolonguè company hits the stage

Join the Junior Élolonguè company on Saturday 20 June from 1.30pm at the Belle Etoile Theatre for their performance at Les Dionysiens en scène festival.

Those aged 6 to 10 years old are invited to take part in the junior Élolonguè company ‘s new creation. Expect pure energy and a Hip Hop -infused choreography by Marguerite Mboulé.

As guests of the company Jolie Môme, we are delighted to take part in a gathering and showcase two-dayer focusing on amateur participants of Saint-Denis → more info

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