The Elolonguè company at the Fabrik’Art Festival

The Elolonguè company at the Fabrik’Art Festival

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The project Traces, Mémoire et Transmission is being developed in Villetaneuse.

To start off, on 27 March and 17 April, the Elolonguè company will take part in the Street Art festival Fabrik’Art, sponsored by Markos and supported by Plaine Town (Plaine Commune).

Hip Hop performances combining dance and Slam will be taking place at the Renaudie library and at the Villetaneuse City Hall, and will raise the company’s profile by showcasing its work towards the legacy of Hip Hop cultural heritage and the exchanges it plans on implementing to document the urban evolution of the town.

The company’s dancers, Marguerite Mboulé on choreography and Loubaki for Slam, will be attending. These Hip Hop performances will also be accompanied with a conference including a talk with social studies researcher Hugues Bazin,, who takes on new research and action approaches in his Laboratory of Research-Action (LISRA).

After the conference, Villetaneuse local residents will have the opportunity to take part in dance and Slam Hip Hop workshops offered by the dancers.

Traces, Mémoire, Hip Hop (Traces, Memory, Hip Hop)

The Élolonguè company opens the discussion about memory of the body, of movement and of the dancers and choreographers’ but also of the locals’ journey, which represents our cultural heritage. Because Hip Hop has consistently left trails of influence in many French towns and areas since the early 1980s, thus contributing to shaping urban spaces of yesterday and tomorrow. Therefore, Dance and Slam will allow all kinds of people to meet and to reinvent the urban transformations of a town through Slam and dance workshops aimed at young and elderly people alike up until September.





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